Bed&Breakfast el Castano

el Castaño

 Arcipelago di Chiloé Lemuy Island


Aldachildo, a small village in the island of Lemuy, with its 500 souls will welcome you with warmth.

Our house "El Castaño" is located at 600 meters from the sea and 700 from the bus stop from Castro.

An easy paved road will take you to our home.

Many daily buses connect Aldachildo to Castro

Lemuy Island

The island of Lemuy is the third largest island in the archipelago of 97 square kilometers and has three churches listed in the World Heritage List. 

Its rolling hills create a magical enchantment with the sea. The inhabitants, farmers and fishermen, are simple but friendly people, with an easy smile and the front door of home always open ...


As the regional capital of the archipelago of Chiloé, is a vibrant city with many attraction. In its streets provide in a mixture of sounds and smells, farmers, artisans and fishermens who sell the fruits of their work.

There are a thousand ways to get to know this town, religious, cultural, gastronomic, historical and recreational


Chile is a strip of earth 2.600 miles long, and it is all the coast that goes from Perù to Tierra del Fuego. 

The tourism  potential  is ever -lasting,  for who is searching the sunny loneliness of the desert, or who wants to surf, climb mountains, volcanoes, hiking in wild and uncharted parks, or again who want to know the hullice mythology, ride a kayak in the andine rivers, trek the ice hidden between fiords for who desire adventure and nature, culture and human connections, Chile is the destination.